Foggy flying

26th May:

Braved the Waikato fog to give my new (to me) trainer its second flight. Stan also turned up to maiden his CY Cessna. A fair bit of fog around but we could still see the gliding club so gave it a shot.

Practiced some touch and goes and a dead-stick in preparation for my Wings badge with my old faithful trainer and then gave my new trainer a go – turns out having the wings held on with just elastic bands is not the best option in the world! Couldn’t trim it and had to give it nearly full down elevator just to stop it pitching up. Got it down OK but I’ll be making sure the wing stays in one place for next time…

Stan gave his Cessna its first ever flight and apart from a bit of aileron trim it flew perfectly right off the bat. He even aced the landing, but I think that was more due to the oversize wheels on it than pure skill. I’m sure he’ll argue that one though.

The fog was giving us both a bit of a workout when trying to keep orientation so we decided to call it a day. As soon as I fetched the crosses in the sun came out and presented perfect flying conditions. We were tempted to set up again but Sod was waiting around the corner with his Law, so we bravely quit for the day.

Top Flite Mustang first two flights

The first flight of my 1/5 scale Top Flite Mustang.  Auntie at the controls fortunately…

My first ever build of any model plane, with lots of help from Stan.  Balsa skin with fibreglass and way too much spray paint trying to get the colours right. Powered by a DLE55 with Spektrum receiver and telemetry.